The Kings Regale-This is the ultimate gift of sublime taste and sophistication. This basket is overflowing with deliciousness, including chocolate covered pretzels, choclate chunk blondie, chocolate cake cup, carrot cake cup, a box of vanilla cake cups, "cheese" puffs, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate caramel nougat bar, chocolate peanot cups, chocolate mint lentils, dark chocolate cranberry almond bar, dark chocolate bar with cherries, cinnamon puffs,  a box of chocolate chip cookies, a box of vanilla cookies, a box of crunchy chocolate cookies, dark chocolate chip snack bar, maple pecan snack bar, red rice crackers, edamame,  2 seasoned fava bean snacks, 2 fruit crisps, fruit drops, peppermint drops, 2 granola bars, brownie mix, 2 boxes green tea, gummy worms, potato chips,  seasoned lentil chips small, large lentil chips salted, pomegranate licorice, mac and "cheez", black olives, roasted nuts, red rotini pasta, popcorn,  quinoa artichoke roasted pepper cup, quinoa jalapeno roasted pepper cup, 2 rice noodle soup, deep chocolate brownie, chili lime tortilla chips, beach bash trail mix, moutain mambo trail mix, and 2 pretzel trail mixes.  

Kings Regale approximately 24"x13"x18"  52 products

 Vegan/Gluten Free    

The Kings Regale- Vegan and Gluten Free

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