Free From All Kings Feast- This gift basket of sublime taste and sophistication is sure to please..and it's all allergy friendly!  A box of chocolate chip cookies, a box of crunchy chocolate cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate peppermint drops, chocolate nougat bar, chocolate peanot cups, trail mix, snack pack of chocolate mint cookies, snack pack of chocolate chip cookies, rice crackers, fava bean snack, gummy worms, fruit crisps, fruity drops, pomegranate licorice, granola bar, lentil chips, macaroni and "cheese", brown rice pasta, pocorn, chocolate cake cup, carrot cake cup, vanilla cake cups,  "cheese" puffs, chocolate brownie, blondie, fava snack, cinnamon puffs, lentil tortilla chips   and mountain mambo trail mix. Free of 8 most common allergens produced in Allergy Free Facilities- Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Tree Nut Free, Peanut Free, Fish and Shellfish Free    Product picture shows King.

King-  20"x16"x16"- Listed 28 products     Super King 20"x16"x16- 39 products- 303.99  blueberry granolaadditional chocolates, trail mixes, snack bars, fruit drops, fava snacks, cookies, lentil chips and more

Kings Feast- Allergy Friendly