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Note:  Work Supplies and Products are Pickup Only-  We are located in northeast Bronx- on Westchester border.

For Sale:

Business Unlimited Website: (paid for through 10/12/2023) includes over 700 customer names and emails, all avenues for promoting website, website analytics, customer analytics, email promotions and much more

Everything need to start immediately:  work table, shelving, scale, heat guns, ribbons, shrink wrap, gift boxes, market trays, baskets, shipping boxes and more- a complete list can be requested.

All remaining inventory of gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanut and nut free products.

Currently this is an allergy friendly gift basket site but can easily be changed into any type basket you’d like.

Will also provide 3 hours (each session minimum ½ hour) of free support to help get started if needed.


If interested call Patty 718-708-4590 and you'll be provided a complete inventory list.


The Royal Basket Company had it's beginnings in August 2000 as a "regular" gift basket store offering gourmet, snack and Colorado themed gift baskets.
After selling our Colorado themed site and relocating to NY early in 2007, I decided to keep in sync with my personal healthy food options and we evolved into an online special diet gift basket store. We began offering Vegan, gluten free, and allergy free gift baskets with products from dedicated facilities to ensure no cross contamination. 
Our baskets are made to share and are lovingly filled with special diet gourmet food, delectable sweets and savory treats chosen for their superb taste and value with your recipient in mind. Each basket's description includes a list of everything inside so there's no mistake of what you're getting.
(In high volume times substitutions may be necessary to ensure speedy delivery. If you are purchasing a gift basket because of a specific product included, please make a note of it under your gift message. If we are out of stock we will let you know)

Your purchase of a gift from The Royal Basket Company is one you'll be proud to have sent in your name! We guarantee your satisfaction and delight. We strive to always keep our eyes and ears open to bring better value and quality to our customers. If you have any ideas/suggestions or questions, we'd love to hear from you. Send me (Patty) your ideas.

"My family received the gift basket yesterday, and are thrilled with it!

They took a picture of it and sent it to me. 

Your team did a very beautiful job arranging the gift basket: Much better than the picture online - giddy up!!!!

Thank you!,

Thank you!,

Thank you very much!!" Mike

"I placed an order for Christmas and received an urgent call from Patty on your team telling me my order wouldn’t make it in time (supplier issue). She was very upset on my behalf and quite urgent to fulfill some order that would reach my destination in time. She was insistent that she send a replacement (at no cost to me) of something comparable. I really appreciated her call, her persistence, and the fact that she truly cared about my brother’s gift. Thank you so so much! Patty, you are amazing. I am a customer for life." Jennifer 

"The recipient is so excited to be receiving something from you again - She loved her Christmas basket from The Royal Basket Company.
Thank you for the true customer service." Myra H.

"Again, I'm very impressed that you took the time to email me regarding this. Thank you very much and I'll be sure to use The Royal Basket again soon." Cara M.

"Thank you again for such excellent customer service, you now have a customer for life!" Angie C.