Designer Vegan, Gluten Free and Allergy Free Gift Baskets
  The Royal Basket Company                 
$11.95 ground shipping on all baskets




Appreciate the update and great service, Patty.

Thank much.


"I placed an order for Christmas and received an urgent call from Patty on your team telling me my order wouldn't make it in time (supplier issue). She was very upset on my behalf and quite urgent to fulfill some order that would reach my desitnation in time. She was insistent that she send a replacement (at no cost to me) of something comparable. I really appreciated her call, her persistence, and the fact that she truly cared about my brother's gift. Thank y so so much! Patty, you are amazing. I am a customer for life." 

Jennifer T.

WOW! Thank you- you don't see such honesty and integrity like that anymore! I will definitely be shopping with you again!

Teresa B.